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Used Talbot Parts For Sale

Over the years we have broken some Talbots. If you need a petrol engine, Diesel engine or gearboxes. Or anything else. Please give us a ring. We only sell parts to memebrs of the Talbot Owners club and our customers. We can post these parts to you via Hermes 3 day delivery or UPS next day.

Please note we are not a breakers yard and we are not the quickest of getting parts packed and sent, this is because we restore these Talbots. Used parts are not a main part of our business.

But we try our best.

We will start doing more refurbished used parts, which will be listed on on our Facebook page. See below.

 We would like to keep all Talbot campers and motorhomes on the road but sometimes they have gone to far to restore.

To pay for parts we use Paypal, our account is


We have a Facebook page just for used refrubished parts


Talbot Express Fiat Ducato Citroen C25 Refrubished Used Parts.



Tel Simon on 07543058985


These are the Vehicles we have broken for parts, we take everthing off as everything has a value on these old Talbots. Latest at the bottom of the list.


Talbot Express Merlin. Petrol

Talbot Express Avalon. Diesel

Talbot Express Autosleeper Sportsman, petrol

Talbot Express Autosleeper Rhaposdy, petrol

Talbot Express Pilote R380, petrol

Talbot Express AutoSleeper Rambler, 1.9 diesel

Talbot Express Camelot, petrol

Talbot Express Autosleeper, Petrol

Talbot Express Pilote R470 Petrol

Fiat Ducato/Talbot Express Holdsworth Fanfare petrol

Talbot Express Lown Heron 2.5Di 

Talbot Express 4x4 2.5Di K reg

Talbot Express Alco chassis 2.5Turbo Di J reg

Talbot Express Nomad 2.0L Petrol

Fiat Ducato 2.5 Di german motorhome.

Talbot Express 2.0 petrol Rambler

Talbot Express 2.0 petrol Autotrail Chinook F reg (March 2017)

Fiat Ducato 1.9TD Riviera 1000 J reg (Feb 2017)

Talbot Express Merlin F reg 2.0 petrol(March 2017)

Talbot Express Autohomes Highwayman 2.5Di F reg (March 2017)

Talbot Express Camelot 1.9 di Peugeot eng H reg (May 2017)

Talbot Express Elddis camper 2.5di G reg (May 2017)

Citroen C25 (camper) 1.9di Peugeot Eng J reg (May 2017)

Talbot Express Autohomes Highwayman 2.5di G reg (June2017)

Talbot Express Autohomes Highwayman 2.0Ltr petrol G reg (June2017)

Talbot Express Autohomes Highwayman 2.0Ltr petrol H reg (Aug 2017)

Talbot Express Home build camper 2.5 Di G reg (Sept 2017)

Talbot Express Elddis Voyager 1, 2.5 Di, J reg (Jan 2018)

Talbot Express Camper (home build) 1.9Di G reg (March 2018)

Talbot Express Autosleeper Rambler 2.0l Petrol C reg (May 2018)

Fiat Ducato Compass Drifter 304 1.9td L reg (June2018)

Talbot Express Autohomes Camelot 1.9d 1989 (Nov 2018)

Talbot Express Autosleeper Sportsman 1987 2.5Di (Jan 2019)

Fiat Ducato 2.0l petrol Autohomes Camelot  1986 (March 2019)

Talbot Express Autosleeper Symphony 2.0L petrol (March 2019)

Talbot Express Autosleeper Rambler 1988, 2.0ll petrol (May 2019)

Talbot Express Autohomes Camelot 1988, 2.0L petrol (June 2019)

Talbot Express Autosleeper Harmony 1989, 2.5di (June 2019)

Talbot Express 2.5di ex RAF mini bus L reg (Oct 2019)

Talbot Express 2.0l petrol Autohomes Highwayman G reg (Oct 2019)

Talbot Express 2.0l petrol Autohomes Camelot G reg (Nov 19)

Talbot Express 2.0ltr petrol Autohomes Highwayman H reg (Feb 2021)



Opening Hours.

Mon - Friday

9am - 5pm








Please text after hours !!!

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