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Camper & Motorhome repairs
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This is Page 2 of Talbots that we have worked on

Talbot Express Harmony 2.0lrt petrol J reg owned by Steve from London. Work required. Replace all 4 arches, repair scuttle panel,wax oil, engine service.

Talbot Express Harmony 1.9 di L reg. Owned by David from Cornwall. Work required. Repair scuttle panel.Inner sills, outter sills, rear valance, lower rear quarters.Rear arches, Wax oil.

Talbot Express 2.0ltr petrol. H reg. Owned by Martin in Cardiff. Work required. Repair bulkhead and fit new scuttle panel, repair rear quarter panels and repair small hole on drivers rear arch.

Talbot Express 2.0ltr petrol F reg. (named Barny)Owned by Mark from Devon. 29,000 miles been stored in a barn since 2001. Work required, everything to do with the base vehicle, the motorhome part is like new.

Fiat Ducato 1985 Petrol, Glendale motorhome.(named Butch) This was bought by myself to restore and store away. Its only had 2 owners from new and has 38,000 mikes on the clock. The only real work required is the restoration of the cab, new bonnet,arches, door bottoms, scuttle panel. Its already taxed and moted. The motorhome is very well looked after.

Fiat Ducato Mac Zone owned by Ron & Deb from Deeside. Work required. Fit new brakes all round(discs,pads,shoes) fit custom made frame for lap belts and wax oil the underneath.

Fiat Ducato Hymer. D Reg owned by Ken in Manchester. Work required. Repair ceiling, someone had a go but didnt use the correct insulation. Fit new large skylight and respray.

Talbot Express K reg, 2.5td with just 23,000 miles on the clock. Owned by Roger in Boscastle, Cornwall. Work required, the whole inside was damp and rotten. The rear panel was/did fall off. We completly rebuilt the inside with new panels and batterns. New ceiling. New rear panel.Wax oil underneath, fit new HD rear gas shocks, Resealed and fitted our spring assisters on the rear.

Talbot express 1986 autosleeper camper, owned by Bob in Swansea. Work required. weld new wing on, fit 3 arches, fit new suttle panel and rebuild the bulkhead behind suttle panel. Leave in primer as Bob is getting the camper painted later on. Wax oil underneath using 8 ltrs of my own secret formula wax oil.

Talbot Express Late shape Highwayman. 2.5di owned by Jim in Stoke on trent. work required. Front discs, pads and rear shoes. A very nice example of this model, very well looked after.

Talbot express Autosleeper Harmony. G reg 2.5TD owned by Marc & Adele from Heywood.

Work required, Scuttle panel,cab door bottoms, rear door bottoms, fit new seats, small amount of welding, reseal windows, wax oil, fit new TV.Remove the bullbar.

Talbot Express Eddis F reg 2.5Di, Owned by Grant from Ashborne.

Work required. Everything! walls, floor, ceiling, windows, skylights, Bodywork, repaint, new bathroom, new cooker, fridge. our custom bumper.Spring assisters.

Talbot express Swift Capri. 2.0ltr petrol owned by Craig from Whitby.

Work required. Rebuild overhead cab due to water/damp damage & fit our Spring Assister kit.

Talbot express Autosleeper 2.0ltr petrol owned by Jonathan from Forest of Dean.

Work required. Scuttle panel repair, wax oil.

Talbot Express Compass, L reg, 2.5td. owned by Val & Rob from Skegness

Work required. Scuttle panel repair, new windscreen & rubber. Repair and paint bonnet.

Fiat Ducato Hymer. J reg 1.9 fiat diesel non turbo. Owned by Brian from North Wales.

Work required. Two new front tyres, Full exhaust system, Wax oiling underside, Laminate the floor, check tracking.

Talbot Express Autosleeper camelot. F reg 2.0L petrol owned by Malcolm from Derby.

Work Required. New arches all round, door bottoms, Repair the scuttle panel, New screen rubber.

Talbot Express Autosleeper Harmony 1991 Petrol. Owned by Steb from Surrey.

Work required. Welding to the bottom of the vehicle. Sills, arches, rear quarter panels, scuttle.

Talbot Express 2.5td, 1992 Pilote 660. Owned by Alison from Cannock

Work required. welding under front inner arches, wax oil, fit solar panel, fit reversing camera/GPS. Cv boots

Fiat Ducato Elddis, 1989. 2.0Ltr petrol, owned by Roy in Coventry.

Work required, Damp has damaged the inside front walls & floor. Replace rotten batterns and wall boarding. Seal the roof. Fit two lapbelts, recarpet the floor & fit a water tight locker.

Fiat Ducato Swift Capri, 1.9 TD owned by Barry in Cardiff.

Work required, Reseal the outside, rails/roof and around windows. Fit our own coil spring assisters, wax oil the underneath ready for winter.

Talbot Autosleeper 1993 1.9d owned by Richard from West Yorkshire.

Work required; welding to the under inner arches, inner arches under the bonnet, scuttle panel & sills. Wax oil, fix waste water tank, Fit our coil spring assisters. This is stage 1 of 2, stage 2 is a full respray later in the year.

Talbot/Fiat/citroen. 1989 & 1992 2.5TD owned by Nick from Dartford.

Work required; total restoration to the inside, the frame work and wall boarding is rotten but dry. The motorhome spend most of it year in Spain, comes back to the UK for winter where it gets covered up. Fit air con unit to roof, laminate the floor. Reseal the outside. Nick bought this motorhome many years ago as an insurance write off. Replaced with a new cab.

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