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This is my own van Fiat Ducato SWB 2005 2.0ltr petrol/LPG van which I use every day and will be coverting to a day van. I bought it from a chap in Scotland in March 2012. An Ebay special.

As you can see, the van was just a standard work horse. The bodywork was ok, only a few small dents. The roof looked like someone had been dancing on it, pushed most of dents out. Back doors were battered, which it didnt matter as they were being removed.

In August 2012 the head gasket went. After taking the head off we discovered that the head had been off before, quite resent and it had 3 cracks. One of which traveled up the spark plug hole and into a water passage. I think the chap who I bought it from knew this. So after some time tracking down the engine, I found a new head. I discovered that its the same engine as the Peugeot 306 2.0st and the Xantia. The head was fitted.

While the engine was being repaired. This was the best chance for me to do some repairs and painting it. I discovered two holes behind the structs, luckly I replaced both structs as one was leaking. This gave me room to repair the holes. Then I discovered the rear panel behind the plastic bumper was rotten so I made a panel to fit.

I painted the roof first, then masked it off. Primered the whole van.

Very green! 5 coats of paint. Its been called "the Hulk", "the square pea" and im sure many more.

The first outting, got some looks. Kept with the standard wheels for a week.

I decided to remove the rear doors and panel it off. I didnt need the doors as the side loader was enough. Fitted a reversing camera. The next photo shows that ive fitted windows and side skirts.

This is my finished van. I decided to fit new 18" alloys. Fitted two side windows. The road handling is much better and the van stands out. I now need to convert the inside. I took out the double seat from the passenger side and fitting a single. The double seat is now fitting in the back.

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