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Talbot Express Autosleeper Harmony. J reg named Dolly. Owned by Keith from Staffordshire. Work required. Full engine service.

Talbot Express Highwayman 1989 G reg Petrol. Owned by Mike from LLangollen. Work required. Full cab restore, new inner wings, arches, door bottoms, Bonnet, front panel. Spring assisters.Full engine sevice. 

Talbot Express 2.0L petrol Autosleeper Harmony G reg. Owned by John from Surrey. Work require, Scuttle,Arches, Sills quarter panels.

Talbot Express Rambler 1.9 D Jreg. Owned by Paula & John from Shrewsbury. Work required. Every panel from the waist down. Scuttle panel, full respray. Our spring assisters and MOT. After a lot of digging we decided that this camper was beyond repair due to it being bodged under the rear acrhes, to repair meant taking the interror out which Paula and john  decided it would cost to much. It is now owned by me for breaking. They purchased a 6 berth Elddis which had damp problems. Which we repaired, fitted spring assister, 2 chan camera. The whole rear end was totally damp which we repaired and replaced all the walls.

Talbot Express Autosleeper Harmony K reg  2.0 petrol owned by Andy from Hull. Work required. Inner wing arches, sill repair, gutter repair. Reseal roof.

Talbot Express Autotrail 2.5 D. Owned by Des from Stoke. Work required, Replace the floor at the rear and reseal. 

Talbot Express, 2.5td Highlander J reg. Owned by Ian from Stafford. Work required. Both inner and outter sills, Both inner wheel arches. Wing arches, new bumper full cab respray.

Fiat Ducato 2.5td Autotrail. Owned by Richard from Crewe. Work required. New Scuttle panel & Bulkhead repair, Drivers wheel arch, repair Passenger wheel arch. Paint front bumper & fit our Spring assisters and HD rear gas shocks.

Talbot Express 2.5td H reg 6 berth Kontiki. Owned by Dave from Northwich. Work required, fit new Custom Campers front bumper, Scuttle panel, Wheel arch, full respray, MOT .

Talbot Express 2.0L petrol, 1989 4 berth Kontiki . Owned by Frank & Lisa from Oswestry. Work required, Rebuild engine. 

Talbot Express 2.0L petrol. Owned by Staff from Bristol. Work required. New scuttle panel & Bulkhead, Driver side front wheel arch and lower arch. Fit our Spring Assisters and MOT.

Talbot Express 2.5 di, L reg Autohomes. Owned by Terry from Birmingham. Work required, Repanel the rear inner and outter. Repanel over head cab.

Talbot Express laika Laserhome 2.5 D Owned by Rory from Ireland. Work required. Fit our Spring Assister kit, Weld step, Wax oil, Reseal roof and skylights. 

Talbot Express 1.9 D L reg Autosleeper Harmony. Owned by Mike from Gloucester. Work required, Vandal damage. Paint front bumper, Drivers side & Bonnet. Fit 1 new rear lower quarter panel. Fit new gutter panel, Drivers side cab sill. Wax oil. 

Talbot Express 2.0lt petrol L reg Autosleeper Rambler GL. Owned by Dom from Stoke on Trent. Work required, Full engine service, reseal skylights, recarpet head lining. 

Talbot Express 2.0lt Petrol L Reg, owned by Tommy & Ann from Liverpool. Work required. All panels from the waste down. Very rusty.

Fiat Ducato 2.5d 1984 owned by Mark from Swansea. Work required. Total cab restore, new wings,scuttle panel, bonnet, inner arches and anything else we can find which needs to be delt with.

Talbot Express 2.5di Lakia owned by Gareth from Nuneaton. Work required. Scuttle panel, New front bumper (Custom Campers bumper) A few bits of bodywork and full respray.

Talbot express 2.5di. owned by Antony. Work required. New scuttle panel, repaint cab, reseal and wax oil.

Talbot Express 1.9tdi owned by Simon from leicester. Work required. New Scuttle panel, Repair front arches, Repair rear lower quarter panel, Repair back door, Repair inner arches, New discs and pads.

Talbot Express 2.5TD Kontiki. owned by Chris from Winsford. Work required, New front brake calipers, sort out the rear lights.

Talbot Express Pilote 2.0L petrol owned by Ken from Middlewich, Cheshire. Work required. Full respray, Scuttle panel, arches, sills. New cab seats with arm rests. Full exhaust, engine service, front discs and pads. 

Talbot Express 2.0L petrol G reg Rambler. owned by Irene from Leeds. Work required. New front arches, Scuttle panel, Rebuild rear lower quarter panels. Side loading door.

Talbot Express 2.5 di Kontiki. Owned by Carl from Uttoxeter. Work required. New ceiling, Reseal, new skylights, Wax oil and scuttle panel repair.

Talbot Express owned by Kieran from Manchester. Replace scuttle panel and rebuild the bulkhead.

Talbot express Autosleeper Sportsman. 1984 B reg petrol. owned by Ian from Bury. Work required. total restore of all panels and full respray.

Talbot Express L reg Autosleeper Harmony. Owned by Malc. Work required. Spring assister kit, new rear shocks, sill repair, arch repair and scuttle repair, Wax oil.

Talbot Express Autotrail badger L reg. 2.0L petrol owned by Maurice from Buxton. Work required. Scuttle panel & arches plus join roof to vehicle as the sealent has broken away and needs replacing.

Talbot Express 660 Pilote. Owned by Mick. Work required, Scuttle panel, 4 wheel arches.

Talbot Express Elddis. Owned by Bill from Manchester. Work required. Total reseal, fit our Spring Assisters.

Talbot Express, Martin from Birmingham. New scuttle and total respray.

Talbot Express, Kris & Alison from Liverpool. Cab repair. 3 arches, Scuttle panel, new windscreen, repaint, wax oil.

Talbot Express Highwayman K Reg 2.5 Di. Owned by Howard from Stoke on Trent. Work required, A lot of welding to the cab for its MOT. Floor under the seats in rotten, Wheel arches fell off, Inner arches.

All welded up and ready for MOT. Coming back for the rest of the cab to be restored.

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