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Camper & Motorhome repairs
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                  New Talbot Parts For Sale.

We are always working on providing more parts for sale.

I have started a new Facebook page for just panels and parts we make.


Talbot Express Fiat Ducato Panels and Parts



Panels & Parts we make

Talbot Express 83 > 94

Fiat Ducato 83 > 94

Citroen C25 83 > 94


Peugeot Boxer 94 > 23

Fiat Ducato 94 > 23

Citroen Relay 94 > 23


Renault Trafic Mk1 82 > 96


Ford Probe Mk2 


All these panels can be purchased over the phone or on Ebay. I can give better prices and postage cost if ordered over the phone.

 I have decided that Ebay costs too much to sell via. They charge me between 12% and 15% and just I just can't do it anymore so Im going to put up Ebay prices by 15%. Those of you who follow me on Facebook will already know this. I try to keep my prices at a reasonable rate, but Ebay force me to increase this.

I will be adding links and photos to this website for all parts and panels I make.  There are already photos & Videos on my Facebook page.  


Custom Campers Uk


Talbot, Fiat, Citroen panels. prices. Please email or text for up to date price.




Cab outer Sill repair panel OS or NS  

Camper Sill panel

Camper Sill small patch panel     

Cab Door Lower outer panel OS or NS

Cab Door Lower inner panel OS or NS

Rear Door lower outer panel

Rear Door Lower Inner Panel

Screen Pillar 

Cab Sill top step panel

Inner Cab Sill (motorhome)

Inner Sill (full length Camper)

Inner Arch Large panel ( under the washer bottle & Battery tray)

Inner Arch small panel (under the washer bottle & battery tray)

Gutter rail ( 76cm long for over the cab)

Rear Lower quarter panel large (camper only)

Rear Lower quarter panel small (camper only)

Rear lower valance ( camper only/ for full width 2 is needed)

Battery Tray (can also be used for leisure Battery)

Bonnet Hinge Panel

Bonnet Front Panelside only

Front Slam Panel (3 piece kit/ under headlights)

Floor Panel (inside where the carpet trim fits over)

Crossmember top (Raditor sits on top of this)

Crossmember Front

Wing top Panels (side of scuttle, bottom of pillar)

Bulkhead panel(behind the scuttle panel)

Bulkhead corner panel

Front Lower arch Panel NS or OS

Window Caddy (hold the door glass)

Bracket 1 (rear leaf spring brackets ask for drawing to confirm)

Bracket 2 (rear leaf spring brackets ask for drawing to confirm)

Bracket 3 (rear leaf spring brackets ask for drawing to confirm)

Bracket 4 (rear leaf spring bracket ask for drawing to confirm)

Braket 7 (this part goes with No1 if needed)

Front Jacking Points NS or OS

Bumper Brackets (to hold the stanard Metal Bumper)

Top Mirror Bracket NS or OS (D shaper mirror pre 90)

Mirror Arms OS or NS ( D shape Mirror Pre 90)

Petrol engine Exhaust Bolt kit (Manifold to Downpipe)

Petrol Engine Fire Ring ( Goes inbetween manifold & D pipe)

Petrol Engine Waterpump Pulley (new)

Petrol Engine Oil Feed pipe

Petrol Fuel Lift Pump (new)

Petrol Engine Coolant Pipe (behind Eng, 1 pipe kit)

Petrol Engine Coolant Pipe (Behind Eng 2 pipe kit)

Petrol Engine Cylinder Head pipe ( tools & seal supplied)

Petrol Engine Inlet Manifold water pipe. ( Tools & Seal supplied)

Petrol Engine Manifold (new with or without bolts/ Gaskets)

Petrol Engine Manifold Bolt KIt. (everything you need)

Diesel U25 Eng Exhaust Bolt  kit (manifold to D pipe)

Diesel U25 Eng Oil Feed Pipe

Diesel U25 Eng Fuel Retrun Pipe ( sits on top of the injectors)

Headlight RHD (new)

Headlights LHD (new)

Rear Shocks HD gas (MH only chassis cab Ver)



Peugeot Boxer/Citroen Relay,Fiat Ducato panels Mk1 & Mk2

94 > 07


Cab sill outer panel                                                           

Cab sill panels SWB 3 piece kit                                     

Cab Sill panels LWB 4 piece kit                                  

Cab under step panel small (inner Sill)                   

Cab under step panelLarge (innerSill)                        

Sill patch repair panel                                                    

Rear Valance repair panel                                             

Inner sill. NS only                                                              

Rear lower inner 1/4 panel sill                                     

Inner front Arch panel                                                  

Battery Tray           

Inner arch    


Peugeot Boxer/ Citroen Relay/ Fiat Ducato MK3         

07 > 23                                            


Inner sills 1,2,3,4,5 ask for drawing to confirm.

Inner arch 


Renault Traffic  Mk1

82 > 96


Cab sill 

Side sills


Ford Probe Mk2 


Rear sill 

Side sill






We can take payments over the phone, Paypal or Bank Transfer.

When using Paypal, please add note to the payment regarding the item you need and please text me on 07543058985 your address to confirm payment.

Our Paypal account is

If you live outside of England & Wales, please contact us first before ordering as we can check the postage costs. We can post via Hermes 2 day delivery or UPS next day delivery.

Fuel Pump for Petrol Eng

New Petrol Fuel pump. To fit the 2.0Ltr engine Talbot/Fiat/citroen.

Pump £75 plus £5 postage

Paypal to

Rear Valance 2 piece

2 piece rear valance panel for the Talbot Campers. Made from 1mm steel. more than long enought to fit across the old panel.


Headlights , New

New RHD  headlights. Please enquire 

Mirror Arms, New

These are new Mirror arms made by us to fit Mk1 Talbot/Fiat motorhomes



This is a new coil spring to fit the Talbot, Fiat, Citroen. 


This is a new part. front shock to fit Talbot,Fiat & Citroen.


These are new bolts to fit the Talbot, Fiat, Citroen petrol engine

£28 + £5 postage. Paypal £33 to

Talbot/Fiat petrol & Diesel engine sump plug/copper washer.

Talbot Express/ Fiat Ducato Inner Arch. OS & NS.


Talbot Express/ Fiat Ducato/ New Rear Brake Flex Hose.

Talbot Express New Petrol Exhaust bolt Fitting kit . 2 Springs


Talbot Express rear lower quarter panels.


Talbot Express 2.5 Diesel Turbo & Non Turbo Radiator.

Brake Load valve for Talbot Express/ Fiat Ducato brand new part.

Talbot Express/ Fiat Ducato.  3 piece panels to fit full length of your camper. Made from 1mm steel.

Talbot Express/ Fiat Ducato Cab  Door Bottom repair panels

O.S & N.S . Made from quality 1mm steel

Talbot Express / Fiat Ducato Cab Sill panel. This panel fits camper conversions and coach built Talbots. Made by Custom Campers . Made from 1mm steel.

Talbot Express/ Fiat Ducato Sill Patch panel. This panel can be used for repairs to sills. Made by Custom Campers. It is roughly 24" long and made from 1mm steel. 3 of these panels will do a full length sill for a camper.

Talbot Express / Fiat Ducato Rear door repair lower repair panels.

Mirror bracket for Talbot/Fiat/Citroen coach built motorhomes.

The bracket is made from steel not alloy like the originals which break.

Heavy Duty Gas Rear Shocks for Talbot/Fiat/Citroen

These KYB heavy duty gas shocks are for the Talbot Express/ Fiat Ducato/ Citroen. Coach built motorhomes. Not for the Campervan conversion. Not for the Alco Axle. They are rated at 800kgs each.

Leaf Spring Coil Assisters for the Talbot

Spring assister kit for a Talbot Express. For more details please click on the Coil Assister page. For other vehicles please visit

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