Camper & Motorhome repairs
Camper & Motorhome repairs
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1999 2.5di converted van to camper, owned by Shirley from Dudley. Work required,supply and fit 240v hook up.

Transit V8. Owned by Dan of Roma caravans in Luton. V8 mid engine with Jag back axle. Dan wants to use this van as a show piece for his business. Total repaint in Jet Black.

Ford Transit 2.3 Di 1978 T reg Mk2 C.I motorhome. Owned by Steve in Bedfordshire. Total repaint and fit new wing., more details to follow.

Ford Transit, 1989, 2.5 di Holdsworth. Owned by myself.

This is a Transit camper I restored. Bought from a chap in Bradford via Ebay. The prevous owner had done a few jobs himself, converted to diesel and fitted rear arches which he held on with pop rivets. Also I don't know what paint he had used but before I repainted, which was about 3 months after I bought it, the paint was still tacky in places. The first photo shows it as I bought it, looks quite good from a distance. After going around it with a small hammer I found a lot of bodge jobs. The sills were made out of very thin metal, I think it was an old metal oil 5 litre can. Underseal was doing the job of hiding a lot. In the end I completely cut off the bottom of the van. I replaced both front arches, both front lower arches, both steps, both sills, rear valents, I removed the pop riveted rear arches and welded them on correctly. I repaired the bottoms of the rear doors and I also replaced the rear lower quarters. I replaced the rear bumper with a later model one, one with the plastic quarter bumpers. I removed all the paint Mr Bodge-it had used and repainted cream which I think looks better than white. Fitted a TV/dvd/freeview, new wheel trims, new reg plates and laminated the floor as the carpet was thread bare. I did buy a smilely grill, headlights and bonnet but I decided to keep it as it was. I also fitted some leaf spring assisters as the back end was saging a bit. The speed of the camper wasn't much to talk about, 60mph top end but the ride was nice.

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