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Camper & Motorhome repairs
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This is Page 1 of Talbots that we have worked on

Talbot Express 1989, H reg 2.0ltr petrol owned by Glyn from Nottingham.

Work required; weld new front cross member and repair inner arches. Fit coil assister kit.

Talbot Express 1990, H reg. 2.5TD owned by Richard from Cheltenham.

Work required; Paint new rear doors,fit spring assister kit, Repair and paint front bumper, wax oil underside & black the wheels.

Fiat Ducato, 1988, F Reg, 2.0ltr Petrol 33k. Owned by Shelia from London.

Work required. Fit Spring Assisters, Engine service, New Clutch, Wax oil underneath.

Talbot Express Compass Drifter 1994, L Reg, 2.0Ltr petrol.Owned by David from Bolton.

Work required. Fit Spring Assisters, Engine service, Reseal the rails and joints.

Talbot Express Europa 1985. 2.0lrt Petrol,LPG. owned by Steve in Stoke on Trent.

Work required. MOT fail on CV boot, Exhaustt manifold blowing, Headlights out of line. Steve will have this motorhome up for sale. Price will be £5500 sold. A very well looked after A class motorhome.

Talbot Express 93 Compass Drifer 404. 2.5TD owned by Stuart from Harrowgate.

Work required. Fit Spring Assister kit, repair some bodywork, Fit new radio cd player, fit reversing camera(kit 2) fit Tv/dvd player. Reseal the roof and rails, fit new skylight. Replace fading transfers, wax oil.

Talbot Express 1994 Autotrail Shawnee, 2,5d owned by Des in Stoke on Trent.

Work required. Fit Spring assister kit, and secure a wobbly headlight. Then in 2012 repair the step going into the rear.

Fiat Ducato 1985 Hymer 2.5Di owned by Ian in Stoke on Trent

Work required, Fit spring assister kit(see photo before kit was fitted), reseal the outside and sky lights. Replace rusty fuel tank, Replace transfers. Then in Nov 2012 it came back for more work. Ian wanted the inside made a bit more moden and brighter. Hymers of this age seem to be very dark woodwork inside. Fit new bathroom, Fit new floor, Fit new large Heki 2 skylight, Fit new ceiling. Redsign the kitchen area, new cooker, fridge, sink. Fit new awning, more water tank, carpet the cab, fit window in the bathroom. And then a full respray.

This the work done in the second visit.

Paul's Fiat Ducato Swift Kontiki 1989 2.2ltr Petrol, Northwich. Paul has decided to sell his much loved motorhome. The previous owner hand painted it with gloss white paint. The back looks ok but the cab needs repainting.Very little rust on the cab, dont know why it was painted in the first place.

Peter from Stafford Motorhome Co in Wheaton Aston nr Telford. H regFiat Ducato Autosleeper Talisman. This motorhome is up for sale at Peters forecourt Nr Telford. Just needed the front arches tiding up, nothing major. His website is

Peter from Stafford Motorhome Co in Weaton Aston nr Telford. E reg Autotrail. This motorhome just needs one wheels arch repairing, again nothing major The motorhome is a very good example for its age. It is up for sale on Peters forecourt. His website is

Jim from Nottingham, 1989 Swift Capri, 2.0ltr petrol. Jims motorhome requires a full tidy up. Total repaint and reseal all the edges and the roof.

Gary from Huddersfield Yorkshire. 1989 2.0ltr petrol Highwayman. Garys motorhome has a little damp problem, water is getting from under the alloy rails and around the water heater vent on the roof. Also needs the ceiling repaneling and floor laminating. Also a few rust spots on the bodywork. Fitted 5 batten in the roof to flatten it out as it was bowed and holding the rain water.

Vic from Stoke-on-Trent, 1990 Compas Drifer, 2.5Di. Resealed all the alloy rails and polished the roof.

Fiat Ducato, Kontiki 1989 2.5 di. Owned by Ian from Burton on Trent. Back in February I repaired the ceiling in Ians motorhome(please see below the work done then), now its back for a total repaint and welding plus wax oil the underneath ready for the winter. Fit a Custom Campers new front bumper. New front arches, new lower front arches, new door bottoms in and outer, new sills in and outer, repairs under the windscreen, new front panel, inner arch under bonnet.

Ian's Fiat Ducato Swift Kontiki 1989 2.5D. Burton-on-trent. Ian bought this motorhome in all good faith last summer. Over the winter the ceiling has rotted away. The skylight was replaced by someone who sealed it to the roof with "no more nails" this the damage from a bodge job. Plywood was glued to the carpet on the ceiling. Some wood battens are rotten, which will be replaced. work undertaken, Roof reseal all joints on the roof, removed side rails and resealed, roof rack was cracked letting in water, sealed. Whole roof painted. Inside, remove all damp and damaged timber and carpet, dry out with heater replace battens, line with ply and recarpet. 13 days to complete.

Talbot Autohomes 1992, 2.5di. Owned by Karl in Stoke-on-Trent. Repair roof around the Tv aerial, reseal alloy rails,paint rear roof & compound roof.

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