Camper & Motorhome repairs
Camper & Motorhome repairs
Custom Campers UK
Custom Campers UK

Our labour charge is very reasonable compared to other companies. I have in the past done a payment plan for customers. For example if a project costs £1,000 and I quoted 8 weeks to complete, I would then offer a plan that won't involve a big bill at the end of the project. The £1,000 would then be split into 8 weekly payments of £125 which the customer can either send a cheque in the post or do a bank transfer. There is no V.A.T to be added on. We dont allow any vehicles to leave without full payment.

While work is carried out on your vehicle, a page will be added to this website just for your vehicle. This will allow you to keep up to date with the work, along with daily progress reports via email. I take on one project at a time, which means I can complete work fairly quickly.

Please email me to ask for a quote.

Please see below the methods and materials I use.

Welding; We use 1mm mild steel plate, then Zinc prime, then seam seal if the work is underneath the vehicle then cover with my own formula of wax oil.

Painting; We use quality paint Products purchased from Churchill paints, High bulid primer,

Interior; 4mm ply on walls & ceilings which is bonded with carpet. 3mm vinyl wallboard. Batterns I use are 38mmx25mm which are much stronger and treated compared to the originals.

Wax oil; This is my own mixed formula of wax oil, shulz and a few other secrets, Lasts a long time. Recommend to have it recovered every 2 years. I do my motorhome every 12 months.

Reseal; We use a good quality PU bonder which goes hard but stays flexable so it wont break or crack. It is also paintable.

Engine Service; We have 4 suppliers for my parts.

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